About us

Welcome to Vivessi, we'd like to thank you for visiting our site.

Vivessi was founded by Pietro Lessi in 2016 and is now a collaborative project with his fiancee Sophia. The brand name is Italian, meaning  "If you lived?" and is a blend of his parents' family names which invokes his love for his family and the environment in which his passion for fashion and design began. 

Vivessi was created with elegance in mind, focusing on colour and luxury Italian vibes in our beautiful silk and wool scarf collection, but the brand is now moving toward a more sustainable vision, and we'd like to welcome anyone who is on the path to a sustainable lifestyle to join us. The release of our 100% vegan bags is the first step on our journey and we hope that with support from our customers we can continue to design and release more high-quality, beautiful and sustainable accessories.

If you have any questions, please reach out. You can use the form below... I'm always happy to hear from you; I read and answer emails myself.