About us


Welcome to Vivessi, I'd like to thank you in advance for spending the time to read this short but powerful story behind the brand.

Pietro Lessi Vivessi

I'm Pietro Lessi, an Italian native and founder of Vivessi...

Created to highlight the true meaning of love, the purest feeling a person can experience in life, Vivessi is a brand meant to be loved. Coming from the merging of the surnames of two truly loved people, Vivessi’s purpose is to offer you style combined with character.

The Italian scarf at its best; made from the highest quality materials.Wool to give warmth and pure silk for softness and impeccable appearance. Bright and muted colours combine to enhance the beauty and confidence of the person who wears them day or night.

Vivessi creates Italian scarves for men and women to remind that in order to look good through fashion, you always have to remember to love yourself first and as the name suggests in Italian “If you lived?”

If you have any question, please reach out. You can use the form below... I'm always happy to hear from you; I read and answer emails myself.